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Rajput Yuva Nidhi Limited is a Non Banking Financial Company (A Public Company) which duly approved by the Government of India, Ministry of Corporate Affairs. “Nidhi is a company formed with the exclusive object of cultivating the habit of thrift, savings and functioning for the mutual benefit of members by receiving deposits only from individuals enrolled as members.
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Recurring Deposit Scheme

Recurring Deposit, Getting yourself on a savings routine is an important step financial security.

Fixed Deposit Scheme

You have worked hard to earn your money. Now, let your money work hard to earn for you, deposit.

Pension Plan

To help you continue celebrating your life post-retirement,Presents an array of pension plans.

Financial Analysis Rajput Yuva Nidhi Limited

Financial analysis (also referred to as financial statement analysis or accounting analysis or Analysis of finance)
refers to an assessment of the viability, stability and profitability of a business, sub-business or project.
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The Best promises for everyone with Rajput Yuva Nidhi Limited

Financial Planing

In general usage, a financial plan is a comprehensive evaluation of an individual's current pay and future financial state by using current known variables to predict future income, asset.

Tax Solution

Millions of traders migrating to GST from current tax regime like excise,service tax and VAT are currently undergoing stress.The biggest concern is the old goods lying in the store and warehouse.

Savings Money

The Rajput Yuva Nidhi Limited is fully financial services company. We accept contributions from our shareholders within the stipulated norms issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.